About Us

Quaysons regalia is an African fashion online retail store that provides the best Africa related products to the world. We love Africa cultures, sounds and colors. Trying as much as possible help you send Africa everywhere you go with the perfect blend of the unique taste of Africa and contemporary designs. Quaysons regalia can be your solid partner in giving you the perfect African alternative to every outfit to suits all occasions. Quaysons regalia settles for nothing but the best customer experience ensuring that you literally fall in love with Africa again and again.

Quaysons regalia aims at making African fashion the best home to identify with.

After sometime in the corporate world, we relised that the rich culture of Africa was some how neglected.

We decide to make available products that fits better in any occasion including the corporate world.

And with sometime in the fashion industry, we noticed that people lacked trust in African related products. Making it quite difficult to live the African fashion dream.

Quayson regalia therefore sought to bring back the confidence in African related products. Providing products that had the best affordable prices with quality. We also sought to help people look their best with no extra cost. And help customers find what exactly they wanted, and how to make right purchasing decisions to suit their needs.


To make African fashion the best home to identify with. Bringing tranquility in culture, designs, quality and price of African fashion and making it accessible to world.

Our mission is to make high quality items that represents Africa the first choice to the world with ease of accessibility.   

At Quaysons regalia we believe in making you fall in love with Africa over and over again.